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Who are we?

We are two partners, Mathieu and David, with backgrounds in the real estate industry. Having worked for many years in real estate transactions, we have chosen to apply our vision of real estate as it should be: with respect and benevolence, serving the teams that accompany us, a stable and advantageous remuneration system, and efficient tools facilitating the daily work of the teams.

The observation:

As a real estate agent, your choices are limited:

  • Either you go to a traditional real estate agency, which will guarantee you a remuneration of about 40% of the commission when you make a transaction.
  • Or you turn to a network of mandate holders, offering higher remuneration but requiring in return the payment of a significant monthly contribution and often leaving you isolated.

We are convinced that you should have the opportunity to create a personalized contract that meets your needs and preferences.

Our vision:

The future of real estate looks promising at MDB Immo, with our innovative real estate network.
At MDB Immo, we firmly believe that the future of real estate lies in creating contracts tailored to your specific needs.

Our model, unique in its kind, is designed to support our real estate professionals, recognizing that, as an independent, it is you who bears the weight of your tax status.

We are open to all types of profiles, from the most experienced to beginners. If necessary, we will provide you with comprehensive training and support you throughout your collaboration with MDB Immo.

With us, you will not be subject to the constraints imposed by the real estate job market because we believe in the freedom to customize your professional path according to your needs and aspirations.

Create your own contract!

Are you a real estate agent looking to optimize your income? Are you tired of the real estate sector crisis and seeing your commissions decrease? Do you want more freedom and flexibility in your business?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in the right place! We invite you to join our innovative and efficient network of real estate agents. With us, you can choose your commission rate, your progression threshold, your geographic area, and much more!

To convince you, we offer you the opportunity to test our online simulator, which allows you to calculate your potential remuneration based on your criteria. You will see that with us, you can earn more while working less!

Don't wait any longer, click here and discover your future contract! You won't regret it!

Become an independent and fulfilled real estate agent!

Real Estate Annual Pass
In addition to your personalized contract, you will automatically benefit from the Real Estate Annual Pass, which allows you to receive rewards triggered based on the turnover you generated during the year.
This exclusive offer aims to recognize and reward your professional success. The higher your financial performance, the more attractive the benefits of the Real Estate Annual Pass will be.
We strongly believe in valuing your efforts and commitment, and that's why this program has been designed to boost your motivation and celebrate your successes. Take full advantage of this opportunity to reach new heights in your real estate career.

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