Management of your property

12.00% tax included

True financial serenity!

Contract management

● Regularization of recoverable charges
● Detailed balance sheet sent to the tenant

Sending mail

Security deposit receipt
● Request for proof of home insurance
● Request for proof of maintenance of the boiler
● Rental certificate
● Call for joint surety
● Confirmation of receipt
● Leave notice
● Notice of move for the tax authorities and for the CAF

Review/indexation of rents

● INSEE IRL, ICC, ILC, ILAT indices and Belgian health index

Rent management

● Monitoring of rents and payments
● Management of CAF direct payments
● Reminder letter, letter of formal notice
● Calls and rent receipts

Tenant management

● History of mails sent to the tenant
● Sending mail by email and PDF

Taxes - Declaration of rental income

● Calculations for form 2044 (individuals)
● Calculations for Form 2072 (SCI)
● Calculations for micro land income
● Calculations for micro BIC furnished apartments


● Balance sheet of income and expenses
● Payment report
● Busy report
● Owner management reports with details per batch

Financial security ++

Payment of the rent on a fixed date by our agency, even in an unpaid situation (up to €90,000)
Up to €10,000 compensation for damage to property
Up to €16,000 of legal protection under the lease (intervention threshold of €200)


Details of services

Marketing of the property

Estimated rental value of the property
Order of mandatory real estate diagnostics for rental
Taking pictures of the apartment
Writing the rental ad
Publication of the rental announcement on our many support sites

Candidate management

Pre-evaluation of candidates
Organizing and carrying out visits
Reception, study and pre-selection of candidate files
Study of the files chosen with the owner

Finalization of the rental

Drafting of the rental lease and any surety deeds
Realization of the entry and exit inventory

Reminder of the law: Technical diagnoses are mandatory for any rental both for individuals and for real estate professionals.

→ For any signing of leases, the lessor must provide the tenant with the following documents:

● Energy performance diagnosis (DPE)
● Statement of risk of exposure to lead (Crep)
● Copy of the state mentioning the presence or absence of asbestos (on request of the tenant)
● State of the interior electricity installation if the installation is more than 15 years old
● State of the indoor gas installation if the installation is more than 15 years old
● State of risks and pollution (natural, mining, technological, seismic, radon, etc.) allowing you to know if the accommodation is located in a risk zone
● Noise Diagnosis

Agency fees for the lessor and the tenant.

1- The principle of sharing agency fees

Agency fees will be shared equitably between the lessor and the tenant as follows:

In the case of a rental without inventory:

For the Lessor: €10 per m² of living space (Boutin law)
For the tenant: €10 per m² of living space (Boutin law)

In the case of a rental with inventory:

For the Lessor: €13 per m² of living space (Boutin law)
For the tenant: €13 per m² of living space (Boutin law)

2- The basis for calculating agency fees

The rental:

Fees collected from tenants by agents
real estate on the occasion of the rental of accommodation, furnished or
no, as the principal residence of the tenant, are capped by
the ALUR law of March 24, 2014.

“The fees related to the rental of accommodation are at the
sole responsibility of the lessor. As an exception, four services
useful for both parties are taken into account
burden shared between lessor and lessee: the organization of
visits, constitution of the file, drafting of the lease and
the establishment of the inventory of fixtures of entry”, says the ALUR law
(article 1, 8° of I).

The ceiling, calculated from the living area of ​​the accommodation,
varies according to the geographical area in which the rented property is located.
He's from :

€12 incl. tax per m² in a very tight zone: zone A bis is Paris
as well as certain communes of departments 92, 93, 94, 95 and 78;

10 € including tax per m² in tight area: the area
geographical area corresponding to the territories of the municipalities whose list
is annexed to the Decree of 10 May 2013 relating to the right of application of
the annual tax on vacant housing (Article 232 of the CGI);

€8 incl. tax per m² in non-tended area: the rest of the territory.

The situation:

The ceiling is set at €3 including tax per m² of living space for the
lessor and for the lessee regardless of the area concerned.

3- The obligation of the technical diagnostic file (DDT)

Diagnoses must be grouped together in a file of
technical diagnosis (DDT) which must be appended to the lease. DDT is
transmitted by electronic mail (e-mail) unless the tenant agrees
explicitly opposed.

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